Do you provide online speech therapy as an option? Yes, we actually have for years. And we use a popular software known as Theraplatform. It is an interactive site and fun experience with the kids and people we work with. It includes apps/games, share screens, and activities. 

Can it be as effective as in person? In many ways absolutely. For some of our online sessions, we are providing in depth education training to families or they are assisting us during therapy times. This helps with guidance on how to promote more effective communication.

Can we switch to in person if online does not work for us? Of course our office is open now at E 91st Street.

Will health insurance companies cover speech therapy online? Due to COVID-19, they have been pushed by law to cover these online services.

Can we call with questions or do a trial run? Yes, just call and we will help you step by step or answer any questions !